Typical factors to consider when selecting a SameDay Courier Service

Welcome to our first news bulletin. Since 2010 we’ve come from providing a reliable Same-day Courier service in Oxford to expanding to Banbury Sameday Couriers, Swindon Sameday, Reading Sameday, High Wycombe Sameday and now London SameDay with 2 locations in the Capital. The SameDay Group – Growing into a Brand that can be trusted to provide Reliable Courier Services Nationwide – throughout the UK.

Typical factors to consider when selecting a Courier Service that will represent you or your business best. 

How soon can you collect parcel? 

The Sameday Courier industry is not like most other business; you don’t usually have the time to consider factors like you would if booking a holiday or choosing a restaurant for the evening.  It’s fast-paced, and clients need answers: how soon can your driver collect? How long will it take to deliver? Can you get there before 5 pm?  Will this be a direct delivery?  As with anything in business (or life), Honesty is the best policy.

We usually advise collection within the hour. After confirming the booking, we check availability and driver status and can provide a more accurate ETA, could be as little as 10 minutes! Or it may be a Friday afternoon where drivers turn in to Divas – usually around lunchtime.

With The SameDay Group, there’s no BS (Bad Suggestions) we will inform you of exactly how soon our driver can collect, and when he’s collected an ETA for delivery.

Customer Service –  Reviews

Who commits to a purchase or a service without reading the companies or products reviews first? I know I don’t. Check your service provider out, make sure they are genuine and the reviews are too, ‘not cut n pasted quotes in italic text on their web pages’ Read the good and bad, judge for your self.

At the Sameday Group, transparency is our policy; we have nothing to hide. Check out Verified Reviews


Your business image is important to us as it is to you. Our vetting procedure ensures our drivers are clean, have well spoken English are polite with good manners. Vehicles always fresh and up to date.

I wouldn’t want an unpleasant driver turning up collecting our finished products, or delivering to a prestigious venue looking like Heath Ledger playing Joker in Batman. You shouldn’t either. Occasionally our resources are stretched, and we have to rely on our sub-contractor network. On these occasions, we try our utmost to ensure that no service levels are compromised, retaining the SameDay Group Commitment!

Professionalism Longevity – Customer Service;

Would you want to work with a company that takes three days to respond to an enquiry or 30 minutes? Would you want to work with a company that makes you hold and promises to return your call and never does?

Communication is key. In the Courier industry, you can never have too much information. The more relevant information, the better; ensuring your collection/delivery runs as smoothly and swiftly as possible.


Bottom of the list, but for most people the deciding factor, that’s why you call around for ‘quotes.’

I’ll be sincere here (we are good at that) if you’re after the ‘best price’ cheapest quote’ you’ve stumbled across the wrong website.

There’s plenty of people advertising ‘we won’t be beaten on price.’ or ‘We Never Been Beaten On Price’ (just googled that one)

Well, that’s impressive, but think about it for a second, if five or six companies are advertising the same jargon? If they are honest, eventually you would get the Service for Free!

We don’t claim to be the cheapest option, but we certainly aren’t the most expensive. Competitively priced with Unparalleled Service!