Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy in The Same-day Courier Industry. Secure Shipping – We’ve touched upon this briefly in our Q’s & A’s. This article will go into a little more depth.


The term ‘Courier’ can be used quite loosely; in some case, a ‘Man in Van’ is the more appropriate term.

With a man in van-type service, you have no guarantee your goods are insured, or the vehicle/driver is insured to be carrying goods for hire & reward.

Secure Shipping Services

Correct Courier Insurance isn’t cheap; it starts around £2000 p/a per driver/vehicle. But god forbid should a claim occur in loss or damages, you can rest assured it’s legally covered.

CRB and background checks

An essential part of recruitment in any industry, but even more so in the Courier Industry.

100% of the time a Courier will be transporting goods they Do Not Own, some of significant value, some you can’t put a value on.

It’s imperative that all drivers are checked/vetted thoroughly and agreeing to driver T’s&C’s before coming onboard.

Data Protection

How many times have you heard this term slung around?

It’s for Good Reason too. Data Protection in the Courier Industry comes in so many guises.

Dedicated deliveries, without disclosing too much detail (Data Protection Act). If we are collecting confidential medical records, it’s imperative the documents are on dedicated Courier vans and NOT trans-shipped from pillar to post without having any form of traceability/trackability.

We follow the same procedure for every consignment.

Your details are secure with us. We do not share or disclose any data to 3rd parties. We do not Spam you with annoying marketing emails or call you to ‘touch-base’. Our websites are encrypted; there’s no ‘buy now’ feature pointing you to other sites.


Thanks to smartphones and social media, Privacy is becoming non-existent these days. We ensure your Discreet Courier booking won’t end up on someone’s Facebook /Twitter / Instagram Feed, #breachofprivacy #sackableoffence #NotCool

Our strict privacy terms clause protects all our clients, whether it’s Bob on the forklift at the Baked beans factory, or Beyonce at Wembley stadium, you won’t find any of our bookings on social media.

Brand Protection

‘Guess what, we are trusted and work with XY and Z. Look, here’s a screengrab of their Shiny Logo to prove’. Why do companies do this?

Working with high-end clients in London to Government organizations, we respect your privacy and right to Confidentiality. There’s no need to splash your logo on our homepage. The only logo that should concern you is ours, The SameDay Group, a Brand that Can be Trusted to Deliver.

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