Sustainable Couriers Service

Question; Does your business have an environmental or sustainability policy? Give examples of this is monitored and implemented; 1) We use a Sustainable Couriers Service

The above are a couple of procedures any reputable business is required to mandate, but how is this practised when selecting a Same-day Courier Service? The answer is It’s probably not.

As with most sectors in the Service industry, usually, the customer is always looking for ‘the best quote’, and there’s plenty of companies out there willing to provide you with the ‘lowest price guaranteed.’

But at what impact to the environment does this quote have?

A scenario for you; It’s Monday morning at Johnsons LLP in Oxford, you arrive in the office a realise there’s a file on your desk that needs to be in London before 5 pm today.

Google search ‘Sameday Courier’ click the top result, (probably a paid advert) – ‘we’ve never been beaten on price’, Perfect you say!

But is it? You’ve specifically booked a motorbike courier, after 45 minutes rusty old Luton van turns up. Bit of an overkill.

Not to worry though, your file will eventually get to London, as the driver was passing on route to Brighton, well kind of.

As a result, your Carbon footprint has just multiplied significantly.

Unknowingly, the company you’ve booked has advertised your request on a national courier platform, OX1 – EC4A Chancery Lane, Documents, ‘Text your Best price to 07123 123456’

Now, there’s nothing wrong with using subcontractors in any business; we’ve all done it and continue to do it. The Courier industry would not operate without them.

But rather than try and source the best option/representative for your business, most courier companies will look for the lowest price to maximise their profits at the expense of your reputation.

The correct way would be to resource a Local Courier company. Ask them about their environmental policies.

Request a motorbike, specify that your consignment is non-urgent, pre 5 pm delivery. Ask the operator if they have any vehicles already delivering into London?

Chances are they probably have something going in the Captial. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but they should offer you a discounted rate, Win-win!

London ULEZ Charge

London Ulez Charge
Sustainable Couriers Service Exempt

To help improve air quality, an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) now operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year within the same area of central London as the Congestion Charge. Most vehicles, including cars and vans, need to meet the ULEZ emissions standards or their drivers must pay a daily charge to drive within the zone.

£12.50 for most vehicle types, including cars, motorcycles and vans (up to and including 3.5 tonnes)
£100 for heavier vehicles, including lorries (over 3.5 tonnes) and buses/coaches (over 5 tonnes)
I’ll break it down for you, any commercial petrol or diesel vehicles that are NOT EU6 = 2016/17 or newer.


A sustainable Courier company will operate hybrids or up-to-date low-emission diesel vehicles. If this is not the case, your carbon footprint will increase, whilst having the privilege of being charged for this.

Dedicated Vehicles

Even we are guilty of this, going to The City with one Envelope in a 400kg capacity hybrid van, then an hour later sending another then 30 minutes later sending a 3rd! Can you imagine our carbon footprint that day?

Yes, some consignments are Mega urgent, and simply cannot wait until this afternoon, on these occasions we will do our best to meet your deadline. But not every consignment is time-critical. That is why we always offer a Non-Urgent End of day service. This is the most sustainable/environmentally friendly same day service method. We would recommend End of day Sameday to any business conscious about reducing their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Couriers