Warehouse Storage Distribution

Warehouse Storage Distribution


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Pick and Pack Services; Hassell free shipping. Saving valuable time and space for your company. We can be your warehouse team. Working along-side our service partners Storing your goods Safe, Secure and Accessible for Delivery at any time. With today’s shopping trends, it’s never easy to predict the future of our clients needs. That’s why we at The SameDay Group can ascertain which

Storage and Distribution Service is best suited for your companies needs. Firstly we send out packaging materials. The next stage is collecting your goods safely. Then onto storing your goods – ready for distribution Once our warehouse team receives your order, we then pick and pack your consignments.

The final stage is shipping your goods; We suggest which shipping method would is best suited for your needs. For instance, the cost of sending a pallet of weighing say 200kg Same-day may be cheaper and safer than sending the same pallet on an overnight service. Ensuring products reach your customers just how they left your premises, and on the Same day to boot! Of course, we can also ship your consignments via a cost-effective overnight option as standard.

However, for more awkward/fragile consignments, we would always recommend The Same-day option. Flexible Same day delivery options; Usually is where we can utilise our extensive range of service partners across the country.

This could be either a driver heading home empty, on route or close to your delivery destination (known as Backload), or a driver already loaded with other freight, delivering along the same route (known as a co-load)

The flexible Samed-day option shouldn’t be confused with a Dedicated SameDay Delivery. A Dedicated load is just that, a van and driver dedicated to delivering your goods only.

Whereas a co-load or Backload will always be cheaper, maybe not the best option for you or your clients

Depots conveniently Spread across the south of the Country and rapidly expanding, Manchester Same-Day, Birmingham Same-Day, opening soon. With plans for Glasgow, Leeds amongst others in 2020.

Warehouse space to let; Storing your goods safely for ongoing projects. From building materials to exhibition materials. Your space is safe/secure and accessible. NB not available in all locations.

Fulfilment News; Our developers are currently working on a fully integrated E-commerce Fulfilment service -booking system. This is this most simplistic approach to Storing – Picking – Packing – Distributing your online sales goods efficiently, Hassell free.

Contact a member of the fulfilment team on warehouse@samedaygroup.co.uk

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