Film & Media Trasport Sevices

Our Film & Media Transport Same Day Couriers

The SameDay Group is proud to assist production teams of BAFTA-winning TV shows. SameDay Couriers are familiar with all UK Film Studios, Pinewood, Ealing, Riverside, etc. SameDay Couriers for Stage props/costumes delivered straight onto live sets, ensuring no disruption in the recording.

Hard drive Courier – SameDay Couriers waiting for on-set and collecting your finished product straight to studio for editing ready for pre-release. Couriers in Luton and HGV vans are available for bulkier awkward props and stage sets build up/break down.

Outdoor Festival Couriers delivering to world-renowned events, i.e. Glastonbury, Creamfields, and Lattitude, to name a few. Couriers for Lighting, Sound -Vision equipment, Seating, Generators, Cables, and more

Media Transport

Same Day Couriers for Weddings and cooperate events. Marquee Transportation, Food & Beverage digestionCouriers. PA Same Day Couriers. Your Personal Assistant in the form of a Courier!

NDA Courier Agreement – Meeting industry standards, fully compliant and happy to sign non-disclosure forms for special event courier services that require the utmost confidentiality.

Too much going on? Book a driver for the whole day to run around doing errands.

Couriers for VIPs (Divas) – e.g., collecting a particular cake from a specific bakery in Chelsea and delivering it to Glastonbury. Just one cake!

All our Same Day Couriers are fully insured and working around the clock, out of hours doesn’t exist with The SameDay Group!

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