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Our Aviation Couriers are thoroughly vetted under IATA guidelines.

Specializing in AOG Logistics – Air Craft on Ground, Delivering critical components for grounded aircraft. Servicing bother manufacturing support and Airlines direct. Catering Sector Logistics – Scheduled Refrigerated regular runs, collecting and delivering inflight meals and refreshments, chilled pharmaceutical supplies and more.

Assured Aviation Courier

Thoroughly Qualified Air Cargo Couriers, familiar with all UK Cargo Air cargo Hubs. Working alongside major overnight carriers – Collecting and shuttling your air freight, ensuring we catch that flight with all your Air cargo in good time.

Collecting your Air Cargo and delivering by Road. When you’ve missed that flight, and there’s no other way. Our Drivers are familiar with all European Counties and ports, rules and regulations, and WayBill procedures and Laws.

On-board International urgent consignments – NFO, Next Flight Out. When it just has to be there now! Our accommodating drivers turn in to passengers on the next flight out with your critical consignment.

With resources in most major cities worldwide, ensuring that final mile to your client. Updated real-time updates, no need to keep refreshing your browser, or ‘submit a ticket’. Give us a call or email; we will tell you exactly where your consignment is and when it will arrive at the final destination.

Emailed POD -proof of delivery or SMS message once safely delivered.