Sustainable Courier Services

Sustainable Courier Services Question; Does your business have an environmental or sustainability policy?  Give examples of this is monitored and implemented; The above are a couple of procedures any reputable business is required to mandate, but how is this practised when selecting a Same-day Courier Service? The answer is It’s probably not.  As with mostContinue reading

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy in The Same-day Courier Industry We’ve touched upon this briefly in our Q’s & A’s. This article will go into a little more depth. Insurance The term ‘Courier’ can be used quite loosely; in some case, a ‘Man in Van’ is the more appropriate term. With a man in van-type service, youContinue reading

Typical factors to consider when selecting a SameDay Courier Service

Typical factors to consider when selecting a Courier Service Welcome to our first news bulletin. Since 2010 we’ve come from providing a reliable Same-day Courier service in Oxford to expanding to Banbury Sameday Couriers, Swindon Sameday, Reading Sameday, High Wycombe Sameday and now London SameDay with 2 locations in the Capital. The SameDay Group – GrowingContinue reading

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